4 Tips for Creating a Course That's *ACTUALLY* Fun

Feb 13, 2023
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Let’s be honest - brutally. Most online courses out there are a total snooze-fest! Annnndddd a lot of online courses under-deliver on the transformation. Double whomp-whomp.

When creating a course, it should be packed full of valuable, easily digestible information so that your consumer can get the transformation they’ve been looking for. But it’s also important when creating a course to consider the entertainment value. 

Is it fun? Is it engaging? Is it exciting? All of these things matter when creating a course. And I’m here to tell you why and how. 

So let’s dive into the top ways you can create an engaging and fun online course that your audience will LOVE!


Why create a fun and engaging online course?

There’s so much that goes into creating a course. A lot of backend research, smoke testing, development, then launch and sales strategy. So why am I adding this extra layer onto the course creation process?

Well, I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important. Here’s the deal: 

Creating a course that is fun and engaging is going to help drastically with learner retention. Learner retention is a person’s ability to transfer information from short term memory into long term memory so that it’s easily accessible and usable in their life. 

So when we are talking about creating a course that’s fun, what we are really saying is you need to create an online course that is highly learnable

The easier it is for your audience to retain and use the information in your course, the more they are going to get out of it and the bigger their transformation is going to be. 

This generates loyal, returning clients/customers and EXCELLENT testimonials and social proof for your business! 

It all comes down to serving your audience. The more powerfully you serve, the more your business will THRIVE!


Tips for creating a course that’s fun

Now we’ve got the “why.” Let’s get into the “how.” Here are four quick and easy tips for creating a course that is engaging as hell!


1. Nurture a Community

Online course learners can at times feel isolated. You’re alone, in your home, wearing your comfiest pair of sweats - and at first, this is the sweet spot. But after a while, it can be lonely and quickly lead to a lack of motivation. 

Creating a course with built in systems for creating and fostering community is critical for keeping your learners engaged and accountable. Having like-minded people to turn to with the same goals will help your learners stay on track and achieve those big results. 

Build your online course community through discussion boards, group calls, account-abila-buddies, and social learning opportunities!


2. Diversify Your Content

It’s clinical sounding, I know - but this is really simple. When creating a course, try to create a variety of different lesson and teaching formats - like videos, video comments/questions/discussions, audio, show and share style lessons, and more. 

This is a two birds, one stone situation. Not only will you be creating a course that’s more engaging, but you will also be creating content that speaks to many different learner types. If you want to learn more about learner types, check out this Dreamers Lounge podcast episode here


3. Be Concise

In today’s world, the internet is dominated by short-form video. And with those addictive Tiktoks, reels, Youtube shorts - our collective attention spans are getting short and shorter and shorter and shorter… Did I lose you there? Thought so. 

All is to say: get to the point in your lessons. There’s no need to pontificate or lecture when there’s no actionable value being provided. Yes, we know you’re passionate about your topic. Yes, we know you have so much more to share - but make that your NEXT online course.

Keep it short and sweet and to the point.


4. Interactive Elements

At Dreampro, we talk a lot about gamification (you can read about gamification in our online course trend predictions). This tip is kind of gamification-lite. 
When creating a course, add in interactive elements. This can be as simple as quizzes, homework, checklists, reading vs. watching, multiple choice questions, polls, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. But that extra little bit of effort on your part will make a world of difference in your learner’s experience!


Creating a course that DOESN’T suck…

And there you have it! The official Dreampro tips for creating a course that helps your learners stay engaged and retain all of that juicy knowledge! 

Creating a course is a huge responsibility, not to mention a huge undertaking! But it speaks volumes to you and your business that you are taking the time to create a product that not only is going to be profitable for you, but highly transformative for your audience. And after all - that’s the big W. 

If you are ready to create an online course like a pro, check out the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy - your all-in-one source for all things online course creation. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you! 

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