Overwhelm can take a hike. Let us show you the focused path to course creation.

Because fluff is for marshmallows, not curriculums.

Dreampro Course Camp™ is your map through the course creation wilderness, showing you the easier path to creating innovative courses that get s’more results for your students
(and for your bank account).


Be honest — how many times have you been let down by a crappy course?

We’ve all heard the course horror stories, and maybe even have a handful of our own to tell.

You come across a business owner who totally speaks your language. They know your pain points inside out, their stories are giving you tons of a-ha! moments and they’ve even got the follower count to back it all up. “Seems like they really know their sh*t,” you think to yourself.

So you bite the bullet and purchase their program, fully believing that it’s going to get you the results you crave so you can move your business forward.


You log in to the course...
and it’s a total letdown.

As you skim through the course portal, you’re immediately underwhelmed. Turns out the “secrets” you were promised are just an extension of the free content you’ve practically memorized by now. 

Oh, and that “easy-to-follow” process? It’s hidden somewhere in a bunch of crazy long videos, with zero clear direction on how to achieve any kind of real progress.

Long story short, you move on to things that are actually worth your time… and the course gets filed away in the internet abyss of lost logins.

Online education is booming. But learners are smarter (and pickier) than ever.

220 million people enrolled in an online course in 2022. And just like you, a lot of them were burned by
let-down experiences.

It doesn’t mean they’ve stopped wanting to learn. In fact, demand for online courses is higher than ever, with online learning projected to be a trillion dollar industry by 2027.

But this is no secret
to you, right?

You know how popular online courses are, and you want a piece of that pie.

You also know how selective today’s online learners are and, quite frankly, you respect the hell out of it.

You want to create a course that doesn’t just meet learners’ expectations, but that blows them out of the water.

You’re just not sure where to start.


Maybe this sounds familiar?

You have no clue how to turn what you know into a course.

You know you can deliver incredible results, but you’re not sure how to teach people to get there on their own.

You’re worried you’ll create a course that doesn’t deliver on its promises,

and no campfire ghost story is scarier than ideas of unhappy clients, bad reviews, and refund requests.

You’re overwhelmed by the HOW of course creation.

Your desk is messier than an arts & crafts table, full of half-assed outlines on sticky notes, but you don’t know
what to do next.

You don’t know what you don’t know,

and you’re worried about missing that secret ingredient that turns a meh course into a truly transformational one.

You've tried following online marketing gurus

posing as course creation trail guides, but end up lost, alone in the dark, with an incomplete course.


You want to create a course you feel confident in

You know that cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it these days. Students are looking for innovation, creativity, and a unique spin — and you want to deliver.

You want to feel like any course you create is the best thing since sliced bread someone thought to put a marshmallow and chocolate between a couple of graham crackers.

And you want to show up with BLE (big launch energy), knowing that any results you claim for your students are as guaranteed as a pinky promise. (Those things are serious business.)


Course creation is a big freakin’ deal. But that doesn’t mean it has to be daunting.

We’re not going to lie. Creating a course takes time and dedication. You need to take it seriously, especially if you care about your results and reputation.

But course creation can (and should) also be easy, straightforward, and — dare we say it — FUN. Let us show
you how.



The online course creation noise is louder (and more annoying) than a swarm of mosquitos

If you’ve been listening to most coaches, it’s easy to believe that course creation is just a matter of outlining your idea and then slapping it onto some slides.

“All you have to do is make an outline, then hit record!”

“But don’t forget to pack TONS of content in there, while also inflating the value so you can charge a premium price…”
“Oh, and you should also sell your course before you actually create it.”
 “Simple, right?”

Ummm… what? It’s no wonder you’re so overwhelmed and confused!

You need (and deserve) better

If you’re serious about delivering a transformational, just-what-your-client-needs, begging-you-for-more course, you need SO much more than “here’s what worked for me, let’s see if it works for you.”

Dreampro Course Camp™ was created by experts who live and breathe course creation, so you can learn exactly how to:

Create a course your audience actually wants

and learn to deliver it in a way that supports their learning style

Come up with your signature framework

that gets your students proven and duplicatable results they want to brag about

Develop a unique learning experience

that makes students want to learn from you (and not your competition)

Take the guesswork out of pricing your courses

with a proven method that doesn’t rely on inflating value


Dreampro Course Camp™ is the only resource you need to develop online courses that turn students into happy campers.

You can finally say goodbye to that dusty collection of freebies that leave you feeling totally lost when it comes to course creation…

Because we’ve packed you a map and compass to guide the way — with a couple of fun glow sticks thrown in to light the path ahead.


We’re taking the course creation industry to new heights

Here’s what makes Dreampro Course Camp™ so different from any course creation program
you’ve seen before:

It was created by a renowned
course creation agency.

Our agency, with decades of combined experience in nearly every aspect of learning and development, has produced dozens of successful courses for entrepreneurs across many industries. We've distilled our wealth of knowledge into the need-to-know information and presented it to you within Dreampro Course Camp™

It focuses on building a
quality course.

Course Camp is about creating transformational courses, plain and simple. While you’ll have the chance to explore bonus content that will help you launch and sell your course, our priority is helping you create a course you’re confident in and that your learners LOVE.

It’s highly innovative
and creative.

Learning is often best done by experiencing. You want to develop an innovative program, so why not be part of one? Through helping our clients, we’ve come up with some pretty creative ways to keep learners engaged and entertained — and we’ve put them ALL into this program.

“We recommend Dreampro Course Camp to everyone we know and give so much credit to you on how we built such an amazing program.”

We recommend Dreampro Course Camp to everyone we know and give so much credit to you on how we built such an amazing program.

The first time we launched RR, we were overcompensating and throwing everything AND the kitchen sink into our program. [This course] helped us really focus on working within our area of expertise and what was in scope and out of scope. Our students RAVE about our program and every time we plan updates they literally ask "HOW can you guys possibly make this any better?!

Here’s what you’ll learn

Phase I: The Hiking Trail

There’s no time to waste. Camp starts with an uphill climb, so we can get a birds-eye view of what’s ahead of us. 
In this phase, you will:

Find the perfect place for courses in your product suite

(no matter your niche) so you can make sure whatever you create supports your bigger business goals.

Learn about the most common types of courses

in the online learning industry, so you can pick the best type of course for your skills, goals, and learners’ needs.

Learn about The Dreampro Certified Standards of Excellence,

so you understand what it takes to create a high-quality, high-impact, binge-worthy course.

Get crystal clear on who you want to help with your course

and make predictions about what learners are looking for and how you can best serve them.

Learn about The Dreampro Certified Standards of Excellence,

so you understand what it takes to create a high-quality, high-impact, binge-worthy course.

Validate your ideas

and pivot where needed so you can have full confidence that you’re creating something that people can’t wait to pay money for.

Refine your course topic and name

so you can make informed decisions about what should (and shouldn’t) be included in your framework and outline.

Phase II: Color War

It’s time to get messy! Often the most intimidating part of the course creation process, we’ll guide you through every
step of planning and outlining your course so it feels as seamless as possible. In this phase, you will:

Create your course goals and objectives

so you know exactly what transformation you’re moving learners towards.

Develop a signature framework

that positions you as an expert, showcases your unique skills + genius, and helps your learners stay on track

Design your course outline

without it turning into a massive, scattered brain dump of ideas

Decide whether to include a community element

based on the core transformation you’re helping learners achieve

Learn how to turn your outline into an actual course

 without getting overwhelmed (hint: we don’t start creating slides right away!)

Discover the most important thing to include in every single lesson

to make sure students keep moving forward and making progress

Phase III: Arts + Crafts

It’s time to transform your course outline into a work of art your parents would be proud to hang on the fridge.
In this phase, you will:

Create a polished presentation

that makes your course look high-quality and totally legit, even if you have limited design experience

Map out your supplemental resources with intention

so you can help your learners achieve their transformation even faster and with more ease

Select your bonuses

so you can elevate your program with perks that bust objections and make your course a no-brainer investment

Phase IV: Theater

It’s time to show off those talents of yours. We’ll put the finishing touches on your work and check all of the boxes
to make sure it’s stage ready. In this phase, you will:

Record and edit your content,

following our best practices for seamless production

Choose your course platform

with an easy-to-use comparison tool (because researching via Google University is a total waste of time)

Appropriately price your course

in a way that reflects its value and makes sure that students (and your bank account) are happy campers

Add automations to your course

that allow you to deliver an even better learner experience with absolutely zero added work

Learn how to capture learner feedback

so you can collect unbelievable testimonials, boost completion rates, and get valuable insights to continually
improve your course

Learn when and why to update your content

so you always make sure you’re delivering relevant and timely info for your learners (and keep making $$$$
from your course!)

Phase V: Graduation

Then it’s time to tie a knot in those friendship bracelets, roll up your sleeping bag, and pour a bucket of water over the campfire. It’s graduation time! We’ll send you home with a brand new course that you can’t wait to show off.

“This program guided me through every step and left no
stone unturned.”

Like so many of us in the online space, I’ve taken my fair share of courses — some good, some bad, some downright terrible. I knew I didn’t want that to be the experience for any of my students!

I had taken enough courses to know what I like and don’t like, but I knew there would be things that fell through the cracks. I had created mini products before, but nothing I would feel confident selling at a higher price point.

When I came across this program, it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped guide me through every step of the way and left no stone unturned. Not only do I feel like I created a high-value course, but the confidence I have in selling it is priceless.

Are you ready to pitch your tent for
the course creation adventure of a lifetime?

Come on in, camper — there’s plenty of space (and extra marshmallows) for you here. Join Dreampro Course Camp™  today and discover the easier path to creating innovative courses that get s’more results for your students (and for your bank account).

Dreampro Course Camp™

👩‍🎓 The Dreampro Course Camp Curriculum
Access to the core curriculum with video modules and workbooks to help you create your course right away. (valued at $5,000)
⏳ Lifetime access
You will get lifetime access to the curriculum + any future updates we make to the program.
📚 Tools, resources, and roadmap 
Each module includes different tools and resources to help you take immediate action and implement everything you've learned.
💻 Self-study camp experience
Go through the curriculum and implement at-your-own-pace
🥂 Bonus #1: Gamification: Where Education Meets Entertainment Masterclass (valued at $297)
🥂 Bonus #2: Impactful & Profitable Masterclasses (valued at $297)
🥂 Bonus #3: Form Your Signature Framework Masterclass (valued at $297)
🥂 Bonus #4: Update Your Course Like a Pro eBook (valued at $97)
🥂 Bonus #5: Structure Your Offer Strategically Mini Course (valued at $397)


$6,385 $1297

Buy now, pay later options available!

Disclaimer: “Total immersion” doesn’t mean we’re going to take up all of your time

Look, we get it. This isn’t like the summer of ‘99 when you had nothing but free time to swim in lakes and get your clothes covered in glitter. As a business owner, you’ve got clients to serve, teams to manage, and a whole life to live away from your computer.

That’s why Dreampro Course Camp™ is intentionally structured to make sure that we’re not taking away your time, but rather helping you strategically focus the time that you do have. 

Course creation does take time. Even if you were doing this completely on your own, you need to be prepared to make some changes and set aside time that’s designated to developing your course.

But unlike trekking through the course creation wilderness on your own, we’re going to make sure that the path ahead is well-lit and clear of any shiny distractions you might trip over. ‘Cause we know these woods like the back of our hand.

“This course is focused and no-fluff”

I’ve invested in a high-ticket program for course creators before, and it was overwhelming and complicated. Ariel’s course is focused, no-fluff, and delivers every essential aspect of putting a course together along with implementation tools. She guides you through creating your own FRAMEWORK which is huge and something I was stuck on for a long time.


A note from your Camp Director

Hey! Ariel Schiffer here.

If we haven’t met yet, welcome. As the CEO of Dreampro®, I’m so proud to have built an agency that’s basically a unicorn in the entrepreneurial space. If you’re looking for a team to help you create binge-worthy courses that make your clients come back for more — well, you’ve found us!

With over a decade of experience, I've worked with Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, small businesses, and private enterprises, crafting professional and leadership development programs. Armed with a Master's Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I'm passionate about enhancing online education quality.

At Dreampro, our mission is to elevate online education by creating impactful courses and programs. Over the years, we've successfully served hundreds of entrepreneurs through our tailored services and courses.

My team and I created Dreampro Course Camp™ to help everyday entrepreneurs (like YOU) create innovative and creative courses. Because we’re obsessed with seeing badass business owners show up with full confidence that they’ve created something truly transformational.

Why Camp? Well, that one’s personal. As a kid, my parents sent me to sleepaway camp every summer — and it was the highlight of my year. I loved being able to escape the day-to-day, to be in a new place with new people from all over the world, experiencing things I normally didn’t. 

And I thought… why can’t course creation be like that? I mean, it should be, right?

Here, you get the chance to be fully immersed in course creation.


You get to learn brand new things from people who are experts in all things courses and have a ton of fun doing it.

You’re going to try things you never even thought of before, and you’re going to translate all of that into next-level experiences for your learners.

And best of all, you don’t have to be an instructional design geek like me for course creation to be fun.


So slap on that SPF, fill up your water bottle, and let’s go — because Camp is in session!

Course Camp™ Gets the Dreampro Certified Seal of Approval

We mean it when we say this is the only course creation program you’ll ever need. How are we so sure? Because it’s Dreampro Certified!  


The Dreampro Certified Course
Standards of Excellence:

An intuitive learner experience

Supportive & high-quality graphics

Inclusive for ALL learners

Sound instructional design

Not only that, but we’ve intentionally designed Course Camp™ to help YOU create a quality offer that meets the Dreampro Standards of Excellence —  because the intention you put into your course has a direct impact on your revenue and your reputation as a business owner.


You’re not going home until you’ve created a WOW-worthy course — and that’s a promise (or your money back)

When you join Dreampro Course Camp™, you’re getting your hands on literally everything you need to create a solid, transformational course. In fact, we’re SO confident that we’ve given you an easy-to-follow, extremely actionable plan to create a course you feel 500% confident in that your investment comes with the Dreampro Money-Back Guarantee.

If you take Dreampro Course Camp™ from top to bottom and don’t end up with a course that you’re proud of, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you can show us that you’ve taken all of the action we recommend and don’t have a course you love within 3 months of purchase, we wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping your money — plain and simple.

(But for the record? We haven’t had a refund request yet.)

“I have not seen a course filled with so much
invaluable information.”

This program breaks down each aspect of creating the course of your clients’ dreams; from the type of course your client needs, to the exact method of creating the content that will make them grateful they chose your course. If you’re looking to create a course or revamp your existing course, Dreampro has the course to help you alchemize your brand.

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers

At Dreampro Course Camp™,

you will:

Create a course that you’re completely confident in and can’t wait to sell

Deliver incredible results and transformations for your learners

Get raving reviews and testimonials (without even having to ask for them)

Raise your prices and make more money from your incredible ideas

Increase your long term sales (not just a one-time cash injection at launch time)

Create a truly signature course that people are excited to join and consume


Four months from now, you could have already made thousands of dollars from your course.

 Not to mention you’d have an incredible program on your hands that you could sell over and over again for the lifetime of your business, with full confidence that it delivers real results.

Is it going to be a lot of work? Yep.
Is it going to be worth it? Hell yeah.

Our goal with this sales page was to show you how much FUN creating your course can be. Did we convince you? If so, then come on in Dreamer — Camp is in session, and we’ve got plenty of space for you.