Top Online Course Trends 2023

Dec 27, 2022
Top online course trends 2023: online course trend predictions for 2023 from Dreampro - your done for you online course creation agency.

Can you even believe that we are at the end of 2022? Seriously, my mind is blown. But even still, I feel like myself, the Dreampro team, and all of our clients have been prepping for 2023 for a loooonnnnggg time. Because when you are in the online business space, things move quickly. So planning, preparing, and keeping up with the times is critical! 

Part of being a done for you online course creation agency is making sure our clients have the most up to date information, top of the line digital education tools and technology, and valuable market predictions. 

So, as we’ve been preparing our clients for big, exciting launches in the new year, I’ve been on the pulse of what’s to come in the online business community. And I’m here to share those forecasts with you today! 


Here are Dreampro’s Top Online Course Trends 2023 - a glimpse of what’s to come in online courses.


Online Course Trends 2023

Fun Learning Experiences

Here’s the tea: our audiences are expecting us to raise the bar. If you think about it, a lot of people have been doing “online courses” in one way or another. Maybe they’ve purchased online courses before, maybe they’ve done digital trainings for their job, or maybe they are one of the millions of young people entering the world who haven’t known anything outside of “online school,” “virtual learning”, and “blended classrooms” for the better part of 3 years. 

So listen up - learners don’t want to feel like they are on another-freakin-Zoom-call (and honestly, same). It’s time to get creative! Turning your live (and even on-demand courses) into experience-driven or experience-like learning environments will massively boost your engagement and be a game changer. It’s gonna totally set you apart from all of your competitors! So, keep asking yourself this question: how can you create opportunities for your learners to be excited to show up virtually.


Ideas for Implementation: try encouraging your learners to take their next group call at a local coffee shop, introduce gamification into your courses, integrate Flipgrid (basically TikTok for learning), try a virtual scavenger hunt, or add in some virtual “brain-breaks.”


Niche-er Course & Products

There’s a lot of noise on the internet - a LOT of noise! And people marketing their products and online courses on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, even Linkedin and Twitter has become really commonplace. And what happens when there’s too much noise? People just tune you out. 

The way to cut through all that nonsense is to speak directly to your ideal client. Now, I know that people talk about this all the time… 

“Find your niche!  Build your ICA! Speak directly to your audience! Be specific with your messaging!” 

But I think the way to stand out right now is to go even deeper. Even niche-er. It’s much easier to boost your authority, results, and story by helping more specific people - on both a macro & micro level. Think about how you can create learning experiences that people cannot find anywhere else. 

Trust me, when that message is heard, your ideal client is gonna know you were speaking right to their soul, and they will pull out that card!


Ideas for Implementation: from “I teach new and emerging entrepreneurs” to “I teach recent college graduates without a background in business to break into the online space.” From “I coach mothers” to “I help mothers who have been SAHM and feel like they’ve lost their identity in motherhood regain their sense of self and purpose.”


Learn-As-We-Go Mentality

We talked about how the internet is omnipresent and pervasive. Then we talked about how it’s noisy. Now we are going to talk about how it’s fast.

Even though you may feel like everyone is becoming a digital product creator, a UGC, an “influencer”, or an online business owner, the truth is online business, online courses, and the online coaching industry is INFANTILE - just like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And we are all building the plane as we fly it! 

Because everything is so new and evolving faster than ever before, sometimes our most recent experiences and knowledge are more relevant than our older, “tried and true” experiences. It also means that you are able to influence trends yourself. 

So, I’m calling this trend the “learn-as-we-go” mentality or the “go-with-the-flow” vibe. Let’s embrace this exciting new world for what it is and be learners alongside our learners. No doubt, you’ll still be the authority, but how good would it make your learners feel if they know you’re always keeping them up to date and continuing to grow, flow, and improve yourself and the experience you deliver? I’m willing to bet pretty damn good!


Ideas for Implementation: add a monthly (or more frequent) post into your content calendar updating on news and trends within your niche. Market a free masterclass to current and prospective clients to review big niche changes. Update your digital products and courses AND ADVERTISE IT!

And there you have it…


My top online course trends for 2023! We’ve been doing a lot of work at Dreampro to make sure that all of our clients’ products for 2023 hit these trends hard, and I know it’s going to make them stand out in the crowd. 

But we’ve also been pouring this knowledge into our sister product, the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy, as well.  From our masterclasses on gamification and learner engagement, to our mini-courses on structuring your offers and launching you online courses - we’ve been creating an amazing resource library for online course creators and business owners who want to grow their businesses with the power of digital products and online courses. 

If you’re wondering how to create online courses that hit on these 2023 trends and transform your business, check out the Digital Educator Academy! 

Like we said, the online business is booming - get it while it’s hot! 


Till next year…

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