Online Business Ideas 2023

Dec 20, 2022
Online Business Ideas 2023: Ideas for Starting an Online Business in 2023 from Dreampro - a done for you online course creation agency.

We’ve all seen it: the wave of people making the transition from socially acceptable, 9-to-5  jobs into online business and entrepreneurship. Regardless of what social media platforms you spend your time on or what information you consume, the wave of people choosing self-employment seems omnipresent. 

And who can blame them? Like, hello - work for yourself, choose your own hours, set your own rates, hand pick your clients, work from anywhere… I mean, it sounds like the dream. 

And let me tell you: if you are a self-starter-go-getter-let’s-do-this kind of person, it IS the dream! 

Starting an online business isn’t for everyone, but for those who are ambitious, are able to create structure for themselves, and are willing to put in some time and effort to learn some new skills - it’s the perfect opportunity to build something super scalable and sustainable. 

Maybe you’re wondering if the online business space is oversaturated. I mean, if you’re seeing it everywhere, that’s gotta mean the demand can’t possibly meet the supply?

I get where those concerns come from, but the fact is it’s nowhere near oversaturated. Online business is only in its infancy, and we are building the plane as it’s in the air. The internet is FAST, and that means that online business is ever-evolving.

Every day new online business ideas are popping up, and more and more people are turning to online service providers and creators for their time, products, and expertise. 

There has NEVER been a better time to start an online business! It’s a huge freakin’ wave, and I think that this year it’s time for you to jump on it. So if you’re thinking about starting a business, here are my top online business ideas for 2023!


Some FIRE Online Business Ideas

Ok, here’s how this is going to go: I’m going to give you a whole slew of online business ideas, and then I’m going to go more in depth with a few. 

Here are some online business ideas for 2023:

  • Online Business Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Business Coach/Mentor
  • Life Coach
  • Pinterest Manager
  • Blog Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Podcast Manager
  • Digital Editor
  • SEO Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Designer
  • Online Course Creator
  • Copy Translator
  • Web Design
  • Online Fitness Trainer
  • E-Commerce
  • Virtual Thrift Shop
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Travel Planner
  • Digital Marketing
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Coach


And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of online business ideas. We are all discovering how jobs that may have been previously tied down to a locale can be moved into the online space for greater reach and growth. 

I want to focus on a few ideas that I think are going to be HUGE in 2023.


My Top 3 Online Business Ideas


Business Coach/Mentor

I don’t know if you can tell, but the online business coaching & mentoring space is BLOWING UP right now! There are sooooo many coaches on TikTok & Instagram advertising their rolling offers, signature programs, and 1:1 high-touch containers. 

Now, there is a difference between a business coach and a business mentor. A business mentor shares their own knowledge and experience with their clients to help others grow in entrepreneurship. A business coach, on the other hand, provides specific guidance to their clients so that they can grow and scale their businesses and reach their fullest potential as entrepreneurs. There are also certifications out there for business coaches. It’s not required to be certified, but just FYI.

I feel like the business coaching/mentoring space is a great online business idea for 2023 because when people hire a coach, they hire THE COACH. So even though the information that’s offered in some of these signature programs and masterminds is sometimes redundant, people choose a coach they feel a connection with. 

You choose a coach because you want to be in their energy and learn from THEM specifically. Different people will vibe with different mentors. So that means, there’s always room for one more.

If you’re thinking about going into online business mentoring or coaching, really tap into what makes YOU special and be your authentic self. That’s what is going to sell and have clients lining up to work with you!


Digital Marketing

This one is HUGE! Digital marketing includes a whole bunch of things from social media marketing (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) to Pinterest (which is actually a search engine, not social media) to email marketing. 

Because it can cover so many different marketing formats, you can sell individual services or package services together for big ticket prices. You can also offer different levels of service from strictly consulting to full service

There’s so much that can be done in digital marketing without the use of paid ads. A lot of businesses, brands, and creators find it more cost effective to hire a digital marketing agency or manager to really get the organic reach and growth they are looking for. . 

ALL businesses and brands need digital marketing - which is why this is a huge opportunity for someone looking to start an online business. It takes very little in overhead to invest in education and skills, and then use those skills to grow your business as well as your clients’. 

So if you’re brand new to the online business space, this could be a great starter for you!


Online Course Creator

Obviously, we are hugely biased at Dreampro - we love the online course creation industry. Afterall, it’s what we do! But this online business idea goes two ways: 

  1. Online course creation can be a stand-alone business.
  2. Allllll of these online business ideas can also create online courses as a source of long-term passive income. 

And that’s why this is such a great opportunity for online business. A lot of businesses and creators want courses and digital products added to their offer suite so they can create sustainable  income without forfeiting more time. 

Offering a done for you online course creation service is a GREAT way to fill this void. Dreampro has grown to be a premier done for you course creation agency, and there’s still room in the online space for other online course creators. 

We have a signature course that teaches you how to create online courses called The Course Alchemist, and you can learn all about that here

But like we said before, all online business owners and creators can benefit from creating and selling online courses and other digital products. Having that passive income boost can be a game changer. So if you’re looking to learn all about growing and scaling through online courses & digital products, check out the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy.



If you want to start an online business…


DO IT! There’s never been a better time to start a business online. There’s so much room for growth, so really it’s up to you. 

Do you wanna make an extra $3k/month? Cool! Do it. You wanna make $10k/month? Freakin’ do it. You wanna make multiple 5-figure months, 6-figure years, multiple 6-figure years? It’s possible - do it. 

So when you are considering these online business ideas for your fresh start in 2023, think: 

  • What are your skills? What’s your background? What are you good at? 
  • What do you enjoy? What are you so passionate about that it doesn’t even feel like work? 
  • How much time and energy do you want to invest in your business and your eventual clients? What lifestyle and life-balance do you want to achieve with your business? 
  • And what business idea will offer you flexibility and opportunities to scale, grow, and pivot in the future? 

The online business space has been and continues to be transformative for so many people. In online business, you can bet on yourself and start something life-changing - regardless of your education, experience, or circumstances. It allows you to free yourself of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Whether your goal is a simple side-hustle or life-changing income, it’s all possible for you in the online business world. 

So stop playing the waiting game, wishing, fantasizing, and wondering what if - and instead, put yourself in the room and find out. 

2023 is your year, baby. Let’s do it up!

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