Learn to Create an Online Course to Sell

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Learn to Create an Online Course to Sell with The Course Alchemist

The world of online business is booming - and the internet age moves at the speed of light. And I get it, sometimes its hard (and annoying) to keep up with the times. 

But there’s no denying that the internet age has opened up a world of opportunities. 

Small businesses used to be confined by locale, influencers didn’t exist, and possibilities for growth we fewer and much more limited. 

But *now* - it’s possible to reach a global audience instantaneously with just a click!

Growing your business online has never been easier. A world of abundance is right at your fingertips, if only you know how to grab your chance. 

Creating an online course and/or digital products is one of the most effective and profitable ways to grow your business online. This is prime CEO-energy. Work less time AND make more money. You put in the time on the side to create a top-knotch online course, develop your sales and launch strategy, then you watch the money roll in!

That’s why it’s important to create an online course RIGHT. 

At Dreampro, we create online courses for our clients as well as other digital educational products - but you can certainly build a course yourself with the right resources and info. 

That’s where The Course Alchemist comes in - it’s an online course that teaches you how to, well.. create online courses! 

So let’s breakdown this game-changing course and how YOU can learn to create an online course to sell and start growing your business today. 


Why do you need to learn how to create an online course to sell? 

I’m just gonna be honest… most courses are just straight-up shitty. Too many people out there create an online course to sell and that’s it. Just to sell. So, making an online course that doesn’t suck is the best way to stand out in the crowd. 

Always remember: quality product leads to quality profit. 

There’s more to an online course (or should be) than just spewing out information and hoping it makes a difference for your consumer. There’s educational psychology to consider, as well as online education be practices, market research, magnetic branding, successful sales and launch strategies, etc. 

To learn about all these different topics and areas would take years (not to mention a massive amount of money). But thankfully *wink wink* there’s an easier way… 


Why The Course Alchemist? 


When I was transitioning out of the corporate L&D world and into entrepreneurship, I realized that the world of online courses just weren’t up to par.

I started to think about all of my experience and knowledge in the world of educational psychology and training, and I realized that I was the ideal person to create an online course – but not just that: I was the right person to teach OTHERS how to create effective, profitable online courses that deliver real-world results. 

This was the catalyst for Dreampro and The Course Alchemist. 


The Course Alchemist is the signature do-it-yourself online course creation product by Dreampro. We call it your **secret elixir** to creating courses. 

Now, Dreampro is a done-for-your online course creation agency. We love creating online courses for our clients - it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding things we do. 

But I also recognize that a done-for-you service is not realistic for every entrepreneur or creative. So, The Course Alchemist is there to help you make your mark in the online course world and scale your business with the highest quality digital products.

We’ve since expanded our do-it-yourself offer suite to the Digital Educator Academy, which you can learn more about by clicking here. 


What’s included in this “create an online course” course?


The Course Alchemist includes 6 modules: 

  • Module 1: Becoming a Course Alchemist
  • Module 2: Transform Your Business with Courses
  • Module 3: Conduct Analysis
  • Module 4: Outline the Framework
  • Module 5: Develop the Course
  • Module 6: Execute and Evaluate


There are two things I want to point out about The Course Alchemist and what makes this course so unique within the market.

#1 The Course Alchemist delivers the Dreampro-insider knowledge that we use time and time again to develop transformational and amazingly profitable courses for our clients. This is something you can’t get anywhere else. Not only does The Course Alchemist allow you to select your course creation pathway so you get the most out of TCA, but it also teaches you the Dreampro Certified Standards of Excellence in online course creation, all four learning styles so you can create a course that best suits your audience, and Dreampro’s signature CODE for course creation. 

#2 The Course Alchemist encourages deep and extensive thoughtfulness throughout your course development process. You may have noticed that out of the six modules, you don’t even get to developing your course until module 5. That’s because we know that what makes an effective, transformational online course is all of that ass-kicking pre-work that goes into it. Taking the time to become a better educator, do your market research, and create a business plan for longevity is going to give your course the edge over every one of your competitors!


Learn to create an online course to sell… and continue to sell!


So you’ve created a kick-ass course. You’ve launched. It’s sold. What’s next? Let’s dive a little deeper into module 6. 

Not only does The Course Alchemist teach you how to create an online course, but also how to create an online course to sell and continue to sell.

All too often, people put out their maybe-mediocre course and there’s a ramp up in sales, and then a decline. Then it’s on to the next idea. That course gets abandoned and nothing about it ever changes. 

Now, we totally 100% agree that expanding your offer suit and building your ascension ladder is super important, but we ALSO believe that if you’ve gone through so much effort to create a top-tier online course, shouldn’t you also aim to have that course be a long-term sustainable source of passive income? 

That’s why module 6 is all about the bigger picture. We teach you how to capture learner feedback, boost your course completion rates, collect phenomenal testimonials, improve your learner-experience, and update your course with the most up-to-date info. 

And the best part about it? You then repeat this process for every course, every product, every part of your offer suite as you continue to grow and scale. 

And that’s a fucking kick-ass business.


Are you ready to create an online course to sell and make bank? 


I mean… is this a question? Of course you are!

If you listen to The Dreamers Lounge Podcast, you’ll know that my number one piece of advice is to stop waiting. 

Stop waiting to be ready. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting for this other thing or that other thing. Stop waiting to “feel like an expert” (trust me, that imposter syndrome is always gonna be a bitch). 

Instead, just start. 

Start your journey now, breathe life into that idea that’s been in the back of your mind, show the world what you can do. 

There’s never been a better time. You can The Course Alchemist - you’ve got this shit together. 

If you’re ready to make your brainchild a reality, check out The Course Alchemist and create an online course to sell today. <3


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