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Be a killer online course creator. Blog post from Dreampro, the done for you online course creation agency and the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy. How to create an online course and make long term passive income. Online courses and digital products for small business.

Online business ain’t the future. It’s the here and now, henny. Creating online courses is one of the best ways to grow your business with long-term passive income. And the best part? Minimum time commitment, MAXIMUM income results. 

Online course creators are able to uplevel their businesses at lighting speed because they’ve tapped into that CEO energy. Less effort, more money, REAL client results. 

So let’s talk about how YOU can become an online course creator and start building the business you’ve been dreaming of. 


Why you need to be a master online course creator...

Let’s take off the rose-colored glasses for a second - there’s a lot of suspicion out there about online courses. And the truth is: it’s justified. 

Too many online courses over-promise and under-deliver. So, the best way to set yourself apart from the competition is to create an online course that doesn’t suck. This goes deeper than your own expertise. We trust that you know your shit. You’ve got the information, but there’s so much more to creating online courses than that. It’s about how the information is delivered, structuring your offer for success, taping into different learning styles and educational psychology, developing an effective marketing and launch strategy, and so so much more. 

Because all of this is what’s going to set you apart from the crowd and deliver TANGIBLE results to your buyers. That’s what makes a successful online course. You aren’t going to settle for being a run-of-the-mill  online course creator - you need to become a TOP TIER online course creator - you feel me?

But how…


How to be the best online course creator you can be…


Maybe you’ve thinking “What the heck? I need to learn how to be an educator, a marketer, a this, a that???” 

But pump the breaks - I’ve got you covered. 

To earn a degree in education would take years and thousands of dollars. You need quicker results, streamlined learning, actionable information. Well, I heard the call and I listened. 

I built Dreampro as a done for you course creation agency, but I knew that full service course creation isn’t a realistic option for a lot of entrepreneurs and creators. I wanted to create a product that was DIY course creation friendly, that had a sweeping library of content, that took all of the Dreampro secrets and made them tangible for the every-man. That’s how the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy was born. 

If you are ready to grow your business and become an online course creator *kween*, then this baby is just for you! 

Let’s break down the components of just ONE of our Digital Educator Academy series: the Course Creator Series


The Online Course Creator Series

At the heart of Dreampro is done for you online course creation, but at the heart of the Digital Educator Academy is the Course Creator Series. I really wanted to break down the components of a successful online course and create multiple products that dive deep into each element. What came out was a highly comprehensive product suite that I’m absolutely in love with!


The Course Alchemist | Our Signature Course

She is my ride-or-die! The Course Alchemist is the product that started the Dreampro vision. This is a full online course dedicated to teaching you, well, how to create online courses! And not just any online courses - the cream of the crop. In The Course Alchemist, we break down the Dreampro strategies, how to structure online courses and digital products into your business, how to conduct market research and dive deep into your framework, developing your course, and launching for maximum results. This is the ultimate tool for the aspiring online course creator. There’s so much to talk about with this product! So, if you want to learn more, you can read all about The Course Alchemist in this blog post here


Update Your Course Like A Pro | eBook

Already have an online course but it’s in need of some TLC? One of the BEST ways to create longevity in your business is by REFUSING to become irrelevant. It’s time to dust off that online course and inject it with the most up-to-date information and revitalized learning strategies. 


Quality Recording 101 | Masterclass

Let’s be honest: would you rather watch something in 4K or something that looks like it was filmed through a potato? What about the audio? Yeah, I thought so. But you don’t need to buy a bunch of professional equipment or book a local studio to record high quality content. In this masterclass, we teach you how to record clear audio and clear visuals that foster a deeper connection between you and your audience. 


Structure Your Offer Strategically | Mini-Course

When it comes to developing a high-quality, results-driven curriculum-based coaching program, it’s not about making a quick buck. That’s not how we build long-term success. It’s about structuring a program that works for both YOU and your clients! Ultimately, you want to help your clients achieve your program promise in a way that allows you to enjoy educating them in the best possible way. This mini-course is all about developing your core content, the pros and cons of teaching live vs. pre-recorded content, call structures, community building, and more. 


Gamification: Where Education Meets Entertainment | Masterclass

So much about information retention has to do with lesson engagement, and what’s going to be SO impactful to your audience is how well they are able to retain your content and apply it. That’s where gamification comes in. Gamification is the application of game elements to increase engagement and retention. In this masterclass, we go through the formula for gamification, how to create your own gamification strategy, examples of gamification, and 100 gamification ideas that are ripe and ready for use RIGHT NOW! 


Let’s loop back to why you should care about being an online course creator 


Let’s be blunt: why should you give a fuck about being a great online course creator? Well, let’s switch roles…

You're looking to learn more about ____. You’re looking for coaching, community, support, knowledge, skills, and practical application. You’re willing to make an investment, but it’s a nerve-racking purchase. You are really looking for deep transformation and real-world results. 

How would you feel if you went through all that - all those feelings, thoughts, desires, and investment - and came out the other side completely disappointed? 

How would you feel if you went through all of that and came out the other side COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY AND TRANSFORMED? Which would you rather be? 

Clearly, our goal as entrepreneurs and creators is to make money - that’s a given. But it’s important to create, sell, and act in integrity. That’s how we build long-term success and a business that stands the test of time. That’s how we generate crazy-stupid money: by caring. 

You need to know your "why" and your purpose behind the products you create, and you should create them with the utmost care and integrity. 

That’s why being the best online course creator you can be is so freakin’ important.

Investing in a lifetime’s worth of skills in order to deliver life-changing products is an unquestionably great ROI. 


Take my card, I’m in!


Congrats, babe! This is your first step to becoming a stellar, standout online course creator! One thing I wanted with the Digital Educator Academy was to create the ultimate resource library for entrepreneurs with options

I know that some people won’t want/need every product - so each product in the Digital Educator Academy library is available for individual purchase. Every masterclass, eBook, course, mini-course - you name it! Prices range from $27-$1,497 per product. 

You can also become a member and have access to the ENTIRE Digital Educator Academy offer library! You can pay a monthly membership fee at $197/month or pay for your year of access at $1,997 (an annual savings of $367)!


You’re so ready…


Just by being here and reading this blog post, you are already invested in the dream, in that vision you’ve been holding for yourself and your business. You’ve got ideas, you’ve got know-how, and now you have resources to become an AMAZING online course creator. Stop waiting and start doing. I know you are craving that CEO energy. So live it in, BE it now! I believe in you - you should too. Be that kill-ass online course creator you were meant to be! 


Keep slaying, Ariel


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