What is the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy?

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What is the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy?

Picture this: 

You wake up in the morning and pour yourself a cup of coffee (lavender latte for me). 

You check your bank account: $20,000 in new sales over the weekend. 

You check your email: 15 new emails from ecstatic customers absolutely swooning over your online course and digital products that have helped them up-level their lives - and they’re all recommending your products to anyone who will listen.

And on top of that, your new product suite and online course is launching this week and there’s already 100 people on your paid waitlist. 

Your heart swells with gratitude and achievement. The pride you feel is palpable, knowing that you’ve mastered the craft of creating engaging, informative digital products that deliver tangible results.

The word is out that what you have to offer is the best on the market. Your digital product offerings and online courses are changing lives, and it’s catching like wildfire. 

All this and you haven’t even finished your first cup. 

This, my friends, is power. The power to drastically grow and scale your business, the power to create long-term passive income and generate a life-changing amount of money, the power to motivate and educate others and help better their lives, and the power of freedom.

We are talking about the power of the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy.


So, what IS the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy?


As a business woman with a background in education, leadership, and training, I found the world of online courses to be, well… lacking. 

Most of us have been there at one point or another where we’ve invested in a course that we thought would change the trajectory of our lives and instead found that the product couldn’t live up to it’s own hype. 

But that sliding scale between underwhelmed and straight-up disappointed was what motivated the creation of Dreampro: a done-for-you course creation agency striving to create high-quality and engaging educational content for businesses and creatives. 

We also have our signature product, The Course Alchemist, which is an online course designed to teach you how to, well, create online courses! 

But the more I thought about Dreampro, the more I wanted to invest in the do-it-yourself side of our business. I wanted Dreampro to become the go-to source for course creation services AND course creation education. 

More than that, I wanted to help people develop well-rounded, successful businesses aimed for long-term income and growth.

And that’s how the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy began - out of a desire to help people help people. 

The Digital Educator Academy teaches you how to develop, market, and sell superior online education products and become first-rate online educators. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things online education and digital product creation.

But who is the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy for?


Who is the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy for?



The Dreampro Digital Educator Academy is for anybody who wants to scale their businesses with digital education products without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re brand new to the entrepreneurship scene or a seasoned business veteran - Digital Educator Academy is there so you don’t have to spend years and thousands of dollars on a traditional education become a better educator and create an online empire. 

Building a course from scratch? Let’s create an engaging product that offers real-world results. 

Revamping a current course? Let’s update your digital offerings with the most up-to-date impactful information. 

Increasing engagement through your offer suite? Let’s create immersive learning experiences that engage users all the way through your tapestry of programs. 

Looking for big-impact launch strategies and sustainable sales? Let’s develop a personalized strategy for promotion and conversion that churns out sales numbers like you’ve never seen before. 

Growing your team? Let’s develop your leadership skills so roles and expectations are crystal clear and your new team members are set up for success. 

The Dreampro Digital Educator Academy is for the entrepreneur who wants to differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver exceptional experiences for their audience. 

It’s all that and a bag of chips.

With that in mind, let’s go through the series collections of the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy.


The Dreampro Digital Educator Academy Offerings



Our educational series are collections of online courses, mini-courses, ebooks, masterclasses, digital guides, and workshops that can be bought as separate products or in an all-inclusive monthly or annual subscription. And all of these resources are designed to help you create your own digital educational products that are both profitable and of the highest quality - all while saving a shit-ton of money.


The Course Creator Series


At the heart of the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy is the idea that started it all: online course creation.

  • Update Your Course Like A Pro | eBook
    • How to audit your existing course or digital products with the most up-to-date information and improve the educational psychology of your offers.
  • Quality Recording 101 | Masterclass
    • Learn to record high-quality content that adds value to your digital offerings and fosters a deeper connection between you and your learners (no matter your budget).
  • Structure Your Offer Strategically | Mini Course
    • Learn how to structure an intentional, curriculum-based coaching program that makes the most sense for you, your clients, and the results you strive to deliver.
  • Gamification: Where education meets entertainment | Masterclass
    • Increase learner engagement, completion rates, and information retention by introducing game elements to your programs and digital offerings. 


The Educator Series


Part of creating the best online courses and digital education offerings is being the best online educator you can be. Grow as a teacher and learn how your masterful teaching impacts your business financially.

  • Be a Better Educator Bootcamp | Masterclass
    • Become a better online educator almost instantly! In this to-the-point masterclass, you’ll learn the unique challenges of teaching adult learners and start developing the necessary skills and strategies to help them achieve their goals.
  • Impactful & Profitable Masterclass | Masterclass
    • Attract quality leads, share your knowledge, and generate a cash injection for your business with masterclasses that are clear, specific, and informative.
  • Win-Generating Workshops | Masterclass
    • Learn what makes a workshop a workshop and develop a hands-on learning experience that gets your learners closer to their goals.
  • Boost Learner Engagement | Masterclass
    • Create an immersive learning experience that encourages users to progress through your programs and interact with the content.
  • Form Your Signature Framework | Masterclass
    • Turn your expertise into a framework that showcases your unique approach and gives your programs a clear structure and focus.
  • Build a Virtual Knowledge Hub | Masterclass
    • Create an education platform where your learners can connect, share knowledge, and access the information they need, when and where they need it most. (Great for internal teams OR for selling multiple digital products.) 


The Marketer Series


Having a solid marketing strategy for the launch and sales of your digital offer suite is critical to the long-term success of your business when looking to generate impactful passive income. Learn how to stand out in the crowd and magnetize high-converting leads.

  • Passive + Paid | 3-Week On-Demand Workshop
    • Create and launch a digital product that brings in automatic revenue and helps you build a community of qualified leads for your higher-ticket offers, in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Launched!: The Dreampro Course Launch Method | Mini Course
    • Develop a personalized strategy for promoting your new digital offer in the online space, relying on best practices established over years of launching and selling online courses.
  • Profitable Program Pricing | Masterclass
    • Competitively price your courses and digital offers for the online marketplace, with an investment that makes sense for your learners and your bottom line.


The Leader Series (coming soon)


Another component to long-term success in business is the ability to grow and scale your business. Refine your leadership skills as you grow your team and bring in that big-business energy.

  • Welcome Onboard | Masterclass
    • Set your new team members up for success with an onboarding program that clearly articulates your vision, expectations, and internal processes.
  • Train Your Team | Mini Course
    • Learn how to think like an instructional designer to develop a training program for your team members or employees to help them go from confused to confident in their new role.


What’s to come for the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy?


Everything in the internet age moves at the speed of light, and at Dreampro we know that online education and digital products are the here and now. The demand is high, and the expectations may even be higher

With that, it’s important for the Digital Educator Academy be an ever-evolving offer. As educational research updates, technology advances, and instructional design innovates - the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy will meet those challenges by auditing our current product suites and continuing to release new offerings. 

You already know that The Leader Series is about to change the game when it comes to performance and productivity, but we have a lot of other exciting offers on the horizon…

Some of the topics under development include money making memberships, coaching for success, white labeling your courses and digital products, tailored team trainings, and headache-free performance management. 

If the goal is to help entrepreneurs create the highest quality businesses and educational products, we’ve got to talk-the-talk AND walk-the-walk.


And finally, what’s the “why” behind the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy?



Dreampro’s mission has been and always will be to vastly improve the quality of learning in the online industry. 

Done-for-you course creation will always be a core part of our business - it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding things we do. But we can’t pretend that every business owner has the money for a full-service project. 

And with that, we know that so many creatives and entrepreneurs are looking to develop high-quality resources - not just put something out there and hope that it sells. Afterall - quality product and quality profit go hand-in-hand. 

That’s where the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy comes in, saving you time and money while providing all the tools you need to create the best of the best digital education products and services. 

Simply put: we help people help people

If you’re ready to uplevel your business with long-term passive income, build superior digital products, and impact the masses, then check out the Dreampro Digital Educator Academy website.

Let’s do this shit together.

Let us show you the focused path to course creation.

Dreampro Course Camp™ is your map through the course creation wilderness, showing you the easier path to creating innovative courses that get s’more results for your students
(and for your bank account).