What is Instructional Design

course design Feb 15, 2024

“I didnt know people like you existed!” is the number 1 thing I hear on sales calls all the time.

Since I started Dreampro in 2019 I have seen more course creators and instructional designers emerge in this space, but ID work isn't anything new.


What is Instructional Design?

Think of instructional design like the secret recipe behind your grandma's legendary cookies. It's an art, a science, a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of strategy. It's all about crafting learning experiences that are as engaging as a Netflix binge-watch session, but way more educational.


What do Instructional Designers do?

Learning is not just about facts - it’s taking people through an experience. Here’s how IDs do it:

Needs Analysis: We start by understanding the learning gap. It's like being a detective, identifying what the learners need to know versus what they already know. We need to understand where they’re starting and where they want to go in order for us to craft the journey.

Learning Strategy: Based on our findings, we create a strategy, deciding how the learning should happen. This is what makes every course we create unique and meaningful.

Content Creation & Curation: We’re like the chefs of content, cooking up original material or picking the best from the learning pantry. It’s about finding or creating content that's as informative as it is engaging. The most important ingredient here is connecting the information to the learner in a way that helps them grow.

Assessments: We design assessments not just to test but to reinforce learning. Think of it like checkpoints in a video game, ensuring the player is ready for the next level. The use of assessments in our courses depends on the strategy we develop early on.

Feedback Loops: We believe in the power of feedback, continually refining the learning journey, making it better with each iteration. Within the learning experience, we create a loop of continuous improvement! 


Why should I care?

In the digital realm, where distractions are just a click away, instructional design is your virtual magic wand. It brings information to life and helps your learners become lifelong testimonials and advocates for your brand.


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