the only way to make an innovative business is to break the rules

business entrepreneurship Nov 01, 2020


I grew my business at light speed.

As soon as I made the commitment to myself to achieve my idea of success (which at the time was being able to quit my job) I was determined to make sure that it happened no matter what.

When I began building my business, I paid close attention to EVERYTHING (which I am sure you have too!). What people offered, how they presented their offers, their brands.

I was soaking it all in.

And as soon as I started to do things the way I saw them being done, I just felt... weird.

Our industry promotes "plug and play" templates and methodologies and strategies and as much as they can help, I realized that I never wanted a "plug and play" business or something that seemed pre-packaged by someone else.

So what did I do?

I didn't just observe the masses and did things differently. I sought to understand the purpose behind why they did those things and how it might make sense for me to do it.

More than that, I always looked for a better way and never assumed just because a "guru" was doing something, it was the best way.

I don't seek to be a guru by any means. But I don't want to be known as "just another [insert title here]."

So what really made my growth leap bounds was just 100% doing things the way I want.

That looked like:

  • Pivoting a few times until I found my sweet spot
  • Back-end launching offers I was passionate about with a typo-filled Google doc
  • Focusing on current clients and referrals versus pumping out new free content and mini-trainings every day (TBH I don't remember the last time I've done one- and the world didn't end).
  • Creating and launching offers I was completely obsessed with versus just creating things to fill a gap
  • Saying "no" to people that I didn't want to work with
  • Unfollowing people who do similar things to me to keep myself grounded in my own truths, expertise, and perspective

You see, the more rules I broke, the more I felt fulfilled, the more I connected with people on a deep level, and the more income I was able to bring in.

What rules are you chained to that you need to release?



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