Stop playing it safe

business entrepreneurship Nov 01, 2020

I see it over and over again...

The same stuff! Everywhere. It's like a regurgitation of the same content over and over again, and the further down from the originator, the more watered down it becomes.

Why? Because it's safe.

It's what is expected.

It's what we see others succeeding in.

But does it feel good? Probably not.

To be frank, I remember when I started my business, consistency in posting almost 5 days a week was more important to me than the quality of what I was creating.

It didn't last long because it didn't feel good- and I don't do anything that doesn't feel good (this is a blessing and a curse).

Even when I design courses for other businesses, I see the same things being relayed in the content as a "you must do this to be successful".

(To be honest, sometimes I struggle if I don't necessarily agree, but at the same time it is not my place to judge or impose my views on someone else. I am there to bring their expertise and philosophies and to life.)

The best innovations, the best leaders, the best offers, the best courses, the best [fill in the blank] has come from people eliminating the noise of what is happening around them and focused on themselves.

What lights them on fire.

What makes people come to them in the first place.

What they think they need to do to make a difference in the world.

Elevate your mind outside of what you think you "should" be doing and focus on your greater vision. Because I bet that vision isn't you trying to become a carbon copy of your coach.

I have seen people come up with a never-been-done-before idea and instead of running towards it- they're so caught up in the fact that there's so much unknown, that they resort to focusing on the things they know are proven and common.

Stop. Playing. It. Safe.

If it's something different, outside of your wheelhouse, requires an amount of collaboration you're not used to- get the fuck uncomfortable and do it.

Your ideas are not implanted in your mind to be ignored. If you're passionate and the only thing holding you back is the fact that you don't know how to bring it to life- all you need to do is take a single step forward.

That's it.



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