My $61K Single Email Launch

business course design Dec 30, 2020

This is just as juicy as the title, I promise.

This year, for Black Friday I didn't really plan any massive launch or crazy promotion- to be honest just hearing about every sale was a bit overwhelming for me.

But what I did realize was the year was closing and people were really starting to think about their priorities for the next year- especially my ideal clients for done-for-you course design.

Most of my DFY clients have established businesses and know the value of outsourcing.

My course design services have never really been something I've needed to actively "launch" with all the elaborate pieces (masterclasses, email sequences, showing up on stories until I pass out). It's mostly been from word of mouth or reposting my clients sharing about their experiences working with me.

So I didn't want to launch- it seemed silly and not my style.

Instead, I whipped out a lead tracker I created for the conversations I've had with people about course design and decided to finally circle back with people.

I added my current and previous clients to the list, and I sent each a single email.

I made it personalized just for them and included a custom bundle of services based on what I knew about their business and provided incentive for them to book before the end of November.

The incentive came in the form of extended payment plans and special pricing based on how many courses or services I thought they could use.

The result? $61K in booked sales. It was the easiest launch of my life.

This also included a $20K sale (my highest to date) and one month later, I booked another $40K in sales for 2021.

This isn't to brag, but honestly, I am really proud of this and this is an important lesson to share.

It doesn't have to be difficult, complicated, or the way that other people do it.

These are the reasons WHY this was so easy for me:

  • Half of those who booked with me were repeat clients. This is a huge indication of how treating your clients well is so important. They're also always advocating and referring people to me.
  • My offer is solid. My services are high ticket but the value for my ideal client is exactly what they're looking for- I am saving them time, making them money, and providing them something high-quality that they can sell over and over again.
  • I actually followed up. Two of these new clients were people I spoke with previously about services but it wasn't a good time. When I reached back out, they wanted to take advantage of the offer before my pricing increased and my availability became more limited.

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