Lessons Learned and My Reflections on Why I Closed My Membership

Jun 06, 2021



In this episode of The Dreamer’s Lounge Podcast, I’m sharing some lessons I've learned behind why I chose to close my membership. I've had my membership for about a year now and there were a ton of major reflections I took away when ending it. As I’ve looked at my plan for 2021, I want to focus on how I’m doing things rather than what I’m doing. I’m going to get completely raw in this episode and share some of the biggest lessons I've learned while running my membership. 

But before we dive right in, welcome! You’ve now entered into The Dreamer’s Lounge! I’m Ariel Schiffer, and I have made it my mission to take out the digital trash one bad course at a time. I am the creator of The Course Alchemist, Industrial Organizational Psychologist, and Curriculum and course design expert.

This podcast is for entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their digital product suite so their offers speak for themselves. Nothing is worse than being oversold into something that under delivers just like an overpriced bottle of wine. So, if you’re ready to develop high quality offers, bring in consistent revenue, and have a business with long-term results for you AND your clients, grab your drink and join us inside…

And today, we’re discussing why I closed my membership and my reflections behind it. For all the details, be sure to listen to the ENTIRE episode on your favorite streaming platform!


The reason I dropped the membership.

I didn't close the membership because of performance or anything like that. 

I felt like I was holding onto an offer solely because I made a commitment. I wanted it to be a big factor in my business that would create a certain type of income. I realized that at the end of the day, I want to wake up and feel excited about what I’m doing! 

This brings me to the first lesson I learned, which is I shouldn't do things because I made a commitment, I should do them because I FEEL committed. If I know I can't be 100% there with the program, then I'm not the right person to be helping a person out in that scenario. 

It wasn't lighting me up the way other parts of my business were. If something isn't working out, then guess what? You can do something about it! 

Be honest with yourself and your audience. 

One thing I know for sure is that people value honesty. 

People don't want to be in a container where they feel like things are forced. For me, I serve people best when I have fun! So I really want to show up better and pour my energy into those aspects of my business. 

I truly want to help my clients and create a massive ripple effect. Everything always works out when you live in your truth and be honest with the people you want to serve. That’s the bottom line! 

When anything happens in my business, I make sure to stay in my own state of mind even when things don't go as planned. There's a solution for absolutely everything!



My favorite part of the membership. 

I really enjoyed the calls with different people! I loved connecting with everybody and being a thought partner. Hearing people's ideas light me up! 

Another one of my favorite parts was asking challenging questions and being able to brainstorm with people. 

I got to help them think differently and connect to a whole new part of themselves.

I want to focus on one thing only.

I want people to come to me for one reason and one reason only. They might be at different parts of their business but my done-for-you services are improving every day and I want to focus on that.  

I want to bring creative life into the things that I already have and feel good about. I love getting rid of things to make space for things I genuinely enjoy. When it comes to my membership, of course, saying goodbye isn't easy but I'm excited to make the space in my business. 

There is so much power in being creatively charged by the things you're offering. From here on out, I want to make sure the offers I’m creating are aligned with my vision and what my audience needs.



Lessons Learned and My Reflections on Why I Closed My Membership: The Bottomline

You know what they say…One door closes, another door opens. I enjoyed my membership so much but it's time to focus on the things in my business that excite me. I hope hearing some of my reflections gives you a better understanding of my goals and why I decided to close the membership. Remember, if something is not working out, you can ALWAYS do something about it! 

And if you’re ready to create a dazzling course of your own that will leave your clients spellbound, you need to take MY course, The Course Alchemist! I’d love to see you inside.

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