I resented corporate, but it has helped me raise my standards in business

business course design entrepreneurship Nov 01, 2020


Weeks ago, I was chatting with a fellow entrepreneur in the space about her transitioning into more consulting, public speaking roles, and serving bigger audiences.

She expressed interest in wanting to also sell one of her best courses to these audiences, but mentioned she definitely needed it to be revamped and up to the "corporate standard".

Her course is solid. But it was created for her audience- female entrepreneurs- and with that came some messy action, f-bombs, and bright orange worksheets.

Although she has sold it to dozens so far, she wants it to have more finesse so that she feels confident selling more licenses to greater audiences.

Fair enough.

But what I find interesting is that we have to raise the bar for this "corporate standard" and we find no issue in selling "messy action" to our peers and industry colleagues.

Why is that?

I don't think it is right or wrong- I think it is fascinating that we don't blink an eye to sell something to someone we met on Instagram how it is but when an organization wants 100 licenses- we go into "oh fuck" mode, questioning the quality of our program.

I sat on this for a bit and more kept coming up for me about this.

Would I feel proud selling my services or content as they are to thousands of people?

If not, why am I okay with selling it to one person like this? 

Meeting someone's expectations as a service provider or coach is extremely important but what really creates longevity in your services or products is quality, shelf-life, relevancy, and service.

Messy action is great (I encourage it!) But let's not forget to refine what we create into something that can be sustainable.


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