What I wish I knew about going "evergreen"

business course design Oct 13, 2020


Something I get told on a pretty regular basis by clients and people in my network is that they want to create a course and put it on evergreen.


For those of you who are like "I've heard the term but I'm too embarrassed by now to ask what this is" putting something "on evergreen" essentially means creating a marketing funnel that allows people to find and purchase your offer without you actively marketing it yourself (it's passive in nature).


So if you're nodding you're head right now, here are some things I wish I knew from Day 1 about creating passive income:


  • You should definitely live launch your offer before you make an evergreen funnel from it to test your offer (and make sure it is solid), gather a ton of testimonials to encourage future buyers that they don't need to interact with you directly to decide to purchase, and to know that your conversion events actually work. #qualityconverts
  • Evergreen funnels are a long game and can't get up and running in a day. They also require lots of testing to make sure your automations work and your ads are doing what they should.
  • Don't be discouraged- just start today. I know this sounds complicated, but as you grow your business, it'll be easier to bring this to life. If you want an evergreen funnel, create your content ASAP and launch it, test it, and share it everywhere.
  • Consider a Membership. As I help people create their courses, a lot of times I find that the opportunity to help more people at once and create recurring revenue is through a membership model. And this is something that can grow over time, create a hot-bed of people who might work with you in different ways, and can also be the target of an evergreen funnel.


The truth is, a membership isn't just deciding what monthly content to provide and *hope* people stay in.


More on memberships soon. Later, dreamer!

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