4 Industry Trends You Need to Know as a Course Creator Going Into 2022

Nov 22, 2021
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It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of 2021, but here we are! We’re going to start talking about 2022 and what I am seeing and noticing in the course world. It’s a big part of my job to keep an eye out on future trends for myself and my clients, so I’m always looking for what trends are coming up. 



Money-Back Guarantees 

I think it’s no surprise that buyers are starting to lose trust when it comes to buying courses. Courses aren’t going anywhere, and the industry is still blowing up. But even with the industry still really growing,  there are a lot of courses out there that aren’t backing up their marketing claims with a solid course. I used a money back guarantee when I launched the Course Alchemist, and I got great feedback in doing so. People loved that I was confident enough in my product to guarantee it. 

I believe in money back guarantees that are also doable. I think money back guarantee shouldn't just be there for the sake of saying that you have one and have these unrealistic parameters on it. It really should be something that is feasible. So, for example, I have a money back guarantee that states you have to show proof of going through the course, but I give a reasonable amount of time for them to actually test it out and take it.


Smaller, Bite-Sized Products

A lot of people have these year-long accelerators and long-term programs, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is a time and a place for everything. But I think for a lot of people something that requires a long-term commitment can be terrifying. 

Especially when they're just hoping that it's going to be what they need, and also keeping in mind that it’s hard to know what the next year looks like. I wouldn't necessarily say a three-month program is a bite-sized program, but I would also think about how long your programs are and why. Is it aligned with what your ideal client wants? Are they hesitant? Are you losing out on people because your program is really long?

I know it seems better if you’re collecting payments for 12 months instead of 3. But if you’re losing out on business because people aren’t ready for that level of investment in terms of time or duration of your program, then you’re missing out on clients. 

I think people like to purchase niche products that are specifically for what they want, versus sometimes getting the all inclusive version. This isn’t a blanket statement; there is a place for every type of course. I just really  want you to think about this bite-sized content because I'm telling you people love to have those transformations targeted to their specific problems.



No More “10K Month” Marketing

The monetary marketing style of advertising promising the results of 20K, 10K or 5K months does work for some clients. But I think a lot of people are looking for something deeper. And when your product is just speaking to the money and not to all the other things that you can offer, you're missing out on a lot as well. 

I think marketing is going to shift because people are becoming really sick of hearing the same old, same old when it comes to messaging and marketing. Consumers are looking for things that are a little bit more innovative. They want to be a part of people that are heading into new directions, people that are seeing beyond what we can see right now, people that are looking at trends and they're ahead of the game.


Fun AND Transformational Ways of Learning

People are looking to go beyond the step-by-step processes and be able to accomplish the final goal. They also want learning to be fun and transformational, so a mix of functional but fun and esthetically pleasing. People want to have it all and to have fun. They want to have good experiences. 

They also want to feel that even though they might be learning or doing something difficult or something that makes them uncomfortable, they're going to at least enjoy the process and experience new things. That could be new technology or simply new ways of working with people. For example, this year more people are having in-person retreats and craving human interaction.



4 Industry Trends You Need to Know as a Course Creator Going Into 2022: The Bottomline

It’s really important to pay attention to what is going on in this world and design your programs, your learning, your courses, your experiences to be a part of the here and now. As an industry leader, you need to be able to meet people where they're at. And in doing so, you’ll open yourself & your business up to so many new opportunities in 2022!

I hope this post offered some helpful advice as you plan your courses for the coming year. Let me know what you thought about these industry trends predictions. I have a feeling I'm totally right, but I'd also love to hear if you disagree or have any additional insight into future trends.

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