Virtual Course Creation at the Corporate Level with Big Visions and Big Budgets

Jan 31, 2022
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Home Depot may have the catchy song, but I’ve always been a Lowe’s girl. And not just because I designed a training course for them. 

But mostly because they hired me to design a course for them ;) 

But before we dive right in, welcome! You’ve now entered into The Dreamer’s Lounge! I’m Ariel Schiffer, and I have made it my mission to take out the digital trash one bad course at a time. I am the creator of The Course Alchemist, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, and Curriculum and course design expert.

This podcast is for entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their digital product suite so their offers speak for themselves. Nothing is worse than being oversold into something that under-delivers just like an overpriced bottle of wine. So, if you’re ready to develop high-quality offers, bring in consistent revenue, and have a business with long-term results for you AND your clients, grab your drink and join us inside…



What Was it Like?

In a word, big. It was the biggest client I’d ever worked with, and it had the biggest budget, which was lovely.

It felt like anything was possible; hence why we included a virtual reality element. Because we could. 

And yeah, because it ultimately benefited the team they were training, but come on, it was a major “future is now” moment.



What Was the Scope?

This is where things got complicated. We had to create training that resonated with a common core while also differentiating between departments (corporate, storeworkers, different locations, and different technology accesses). 

We had to determine the risks we were willing to take, and the scope of what we wanted to create.

Twas a tall order, but we were up for it. 

Initially, I was given a tour of all the various departments to help me get an idea of what each branch actually did and to see them in action.

This was vital in giving me multiple perspectives and informing me about the operation overall. In order to foster a sense of community and unified pride in the workplace, we knew everyone had to feel connected to everyone else. Financially this wasn’t feasible for every employee who underwent training, so this is where the idea for virtual reality began. 



What Did the VR Video Show?

In essence, the life cycle of a product from inception to getting stocked on the shelf, and how every department worked together to make that happen. We had to hire actors, drone operators. It was an ordeal in the best way. 

Ultimately we were able to give the company a shorter yet more detailed training video, with a modern feel centered around a cohesive contribution to the company.

We fostered a real sense of community among and between the workgroups, and got to learn more about working with virtual reality in the process. The education of the experience was truly transformative, and I’m grateful for the opportunity; the confidence I gained is also nice.

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