The Mini Course Alchemist

Imagine NEVER having to second guess your course topic or prices ever again... 

If you already know that creating an online course is the next step for your business, but you don't know where to start when it comes to actually making it happen - The Mini Course Alchemist™ is for you.

The Mini Course Alchemist™ is your solution to nailing down the *perfect* profitable course idea that leaves your clients spellbound and wanting more!

Get instant access for only $27!

If creating a course makes you feel...

  • Overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to course creation, but you know it's something that would add tremendous value to your business...
  • Confused about what your ideal clients will actually pay for, and unsure about how to conduct EFFECTIVE market research when it comes to honing in on the right topic
  • Worried that your courses won't truly help your clients to change their behaviors or take action [which subconsciously hurts you when you're trying to sell]
  • Frustrated because just the thought alone of what you should price your course at has you pumping the breaks on this idea...

This is the perfect, step-by-step, no fluff, I-promise-you-won't-feel-catfished mini-course just for you.

The course creation struggle ends today.

The Ultimate Solution to Help You Solidify The Perfect Course Topic & Price Your Course for Profit

The Mini Course Alchemist™ is taken from my signature course, The Course Alchemist™ and is your solution to nailing down the *perfect* profitable course idea that leaves your clients spellbound and wanting more!

You might have been there too…

You purchase a program promising you everything you believe you need to move your business forward or take it to new heights.

The coach is digging at your pain points, giving you "a-ha!" moments every three seconds on her Instagram story, and really proving to you that she knows her sh*t.

So you bite the bullet and tell yourself that this course is going to get you to those $10K months and uncover a whole new world of strategy you never knew existed.

Then BAM.

You get the course, and total letdown.

As soon as you submit your payment and log in to her course portal, you’re underwhelmed.

And then you open Module 1 to find her sharing her “secrets” which is just an extension of what she talked about already on her Instagram stories.

So you tough it out through a few more lengthy videos of her talking head, hoping to get to the “good stuff” that will move your business forward.

You made some notes but decide to move on to some other stuff because you need to focus on really making money, and the course gets filed away in the abyss of the internet and lost logins.

Look, neither one of us wants to end up lost in the abyss of courses long forgotten.

Now let's imagine this instead...

You decide to take the leap and enroll in The Mini Course Alchemist.

You take the lessons one-by-one, apply the steps and the tools, and before you know it... you've whipped up a course idea that truly reflects what you do.

You know deep down in your soul that this is going to be the answer to what so many people need.

You've never felt so aligned and proud before.

This is something you know you're going to offer again and again, and actually be able to use this to scale your business.

It's time to launch.

But this time it is different- you're not wavering or *hoping* this is what your clients expect. You know it.

The launch is going so well... and weirdly enough it's FUN because of how you feel about your product.

Your new clients begin to take your course, and they're blown away already in the first five minutes.

Your launch isn't even done yet, but these client testimonials are pouring in and attracting new leads.

Those people are telling their friends.

People are already asking about other ways to work with you.

Why is this happening?

Because you took the time to do it right, and now your business is becoming everything you wanted it to be.

Ready to make this story become your reality?

What's Included in The Mini Course Alchemist

Module #1: Incorporating courses into your product suite

This module covers the purpose of courses within your product suite and how you will utilize my signature framework, The CODE to Course Creation to create high-impact courses. You will also learn how to utilize adult learning principles to sell your course and help your learners retain their knowledge better. (Valued at $49)

Module #2: Making sure your course will sell & transform

Doing a proper analysis is one of the most important steps to building a successful course that most entrepreneurs skip. In this module, I will give you the no-fluff steps to conducting a comprehensive and rapid analysis. (Valued at $159)

BONUS #1: The Course Pricing Tool

Never second guess how much you should charge for your course-based programs ever again! This bonus alone outweighs the cost of this entire bundle. This tool will provide you an accurate projection of how much you should charge for your course. (Valued at $97)

BONUS #2: Selling Essentials

In this lesson from The Course Alchemist™, I share all of the ways you can sell your course. This lesson also includes a Sales Page Cheat Sheet to help you outline the flow of your sales page. (Valued at $97)

Guides, Cheat Sheets & Templates

This mini-course is packed with resources you can utilize immediately, including:

  • Course Creation Checklist (Valued at $47)

  • Adult Learning Principles Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

  • Course Objectives Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

  • The Market Research Bible (Valued at $47)

Grab The Mini Course Alchemist

☑ The Mini Course Alchemist Mini-Course (Valued at $197)

☑ Course Creation Checklist (Valued at $47)

☑ Adult Learning Principles Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

☑ Course Objectives Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

☑ The Market Research Bible (Valued at $47)

☑ BONUS: The Course Pricing Tool with Video Training (Valued at $97)

☑ BONUS: Selling Essentials Lesson from The Course Alchemist (Valued at $97)

☑ BONUS: The Sales Page Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

Total Value= $626

Today's Price= $27

YES, I NEED THIS NOW! Get instant access to The Mini Course Alchemist™ for only $27!

About Your Course Design Expert, Ariel.

Successful career coach turned business coach, my background stems from nearly a decade of expertise designing professional and leadership courses for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and keynote speakers. Some humble brags include:

  • Designed courses that launched to upwards of 260K+ people
  • Created one of the first practical applications of virtual reality in a training environment
  • Helped entrepreneurs create courses for evergreen marketing funnels for passive income

These awesome experiences have shaped me into a course design and behavioral change expert.

After purchasing some low quality and basic-at-best courses in the online space, I am determined to help entrepreneurs translate their expertise into courses that engage, educate, and entice learners to come back to you for more. Let's make some magic!

I have helped multiple 6-figure entrepreneurs, Fortune 50 companies, and non-profit organizations create and scale courses that their audiences crave.

I know you don't have the time to learn what I have, which is why I created The Mini Course Alchemist.

In this course, I show you:

* Exactly how to gain clarity on your offer and validate your course idea with market research, so you can create your course with confidence knowing your program will be in high demand

* Guides, Checklists, Templates, and Cheat Sheets you can utilize as you develop your course and organize your launch, so you have a clear framework to follow rather than starting from scratch

* Our proprietary Course Pricing Tool to  take all the guesswork out of pricing your courses

You'll get all the resources you need to start your course creation journey off on the right foot. 

The Mini Course Alchemist™ is your solution to nailing down the *perfect* profitable course idea that leaves your clients spellbound and wanting more!


I get it - it's hard to take action.

But think about what happens if you don't...

You'll stay stuck feeling overwhelmed by all the things you want to do for your business...

Meanwhile, you're trading time for money and getting burnt out by your biz...

I know you are capable of doing creating a course, leveraging your knowledge and taking back control of your time!

Maybe you can't quite see the bigger picture yet, when it comes to dialing in on a specific topic - that's exactly why you need the Mini Course Alchemist!

So you can see the thought process or intentionality of the different steps of course creation.

This course will guide you step-by-step, so you can stop second guessing yourself and stop overthinking it! 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating your online course - learn how to set yourself up to do it right, save time, and develop a binge-worthy course that will have your customers coming back for more!

Get instant access to the Mini Course Alchemist for just $27 today - so you can get started right away!

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