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Ready to reveal your Million Dollar Course idea?

In this free 5-day challenge, you’ll uncover the most profitable course idea for your business AND learn what it takes to turn it into a million-dollar signature program.

Have you been dreaming of finally creating your signature program?

Well you’re in exactly the right place — ‘cause this is a dreamers-only space

But let’s put some action behind all that dreaming, shall we? 

Over 5 days, from August 23-27, we’ll uncover the million-dollar signature program that’s hiding in your brain dump of ideas.

What We're Covering:

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Starting the week out strong identifying the best topic you’re most qualified to teach

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Learn how to create versatile content that fits any occasion & can be sold in multiple formats (course, mastermind variation, group program, membership, etc)

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We’ll talk through the biggest mistakes people make in shifting from service provider or coach to course creator and how to avoid them so your students will have a 5-star experience

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Learn how to build unwavering trust with your audience, and position yourself as an authority so they are confident in both you & your course before they buy

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I’m spilling all the secrets about million dollar programs that I’ve seen firsthand so you can implement them and hit your first million!

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Signing up for this challenge may result in fresh confidence in your ideas, a whole new level of clarity, and the desire to start working on your million-dollar course right away.

Give Me Some Of That, Please!

Who am I, and why should you listen to me talk about courses for 5 days straight?

Hey! I'm Ariel. Founder & CEO of Dreampro.


I’m a course designer to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs who could use a magical hand to design binge-worthy courses that make their clients come back for more.

I have a decade of experience designing jaw-dropping programs for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, keynote speakers, and entrepreneurs in almost every single industry.

Which is all a very fancy way of saying that I’m an expert in helping you turn your genius ideas into profitable, dreamy courses.

If you’ve been dreaming about creating a wildly profitable course, but are stuck with half-assed outlines on sticky notes and in journals…

And if you’re determined not to let 2021 go by without finally creating a course that gets results and makes serious bank...

Then I created the Million Dollar Course Challenge for YOU!

This totally free 5-day event promises to be jam-packed with insights and inspo you won’t get anywhere else. 

So... what are you waiting for, dreamer? I’d love to see you there. 

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2021 can still be the year you create + launch your signature program!

Let’s get you the clarity you need to make it happen.

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